Hello and welcome!  I appreciate your considering me for your consultation and training needs.   I hope that learning more about me and my style will help you decide if I might be a good fit for you.

What I bring to consultation:

• Experience. I have been practicing for over 30 years as a counselor and over 20 years as an EMDR therapy practitioner. Along the way I have learned a lot, specifically about EMDR therapy and working with complex trauma and dissociation. One thing that sets me apart from some other consultants is that as a Facilitator for HAP/Trauma Recovery, I know how to teach EMDR therapy, not just practice it.  Read more on my about page!

• Individualization.  I adjust the education experience to where you are in your learning journey. The information you learn, the style of teaching and the degree participants problem-solve cases changes given the level of the group you sign up for.  Read more on my consultation page!

• Metaphor.  EMDR therapy and complex trauma can be hard to get our heads around.  I use a lot of metaphor with clients and clinicians so these potentially complicated therapeutic concepts are easily understood by both clinicians and clients.

• Empowerment. I appreciate that working with both EMDR therapy and complex trauma can feel daunting and overwhelming at times.  I empower you by helping you understand the processes you are using and focusing on what you are doing well.  Often when faced with choice points, there is more than one answer.

• An EMDR lens.  It is easy to tell you what to do in case consultation. But helping you learn to problem solve within a sound clinical lens is much more effective in the long run.  I spend time explaining the concepts underneath the interventions and clinical suggestions.

I post weekly "Ruh-minations" on Facebook and LinkedIn.  “Ruh-minations” are little nuggets about EMDR therapy, parenting, favorite resources, countertransference and insight that I have gained over the years.