Group Consultation

Three types of EMDR consultation groups are available:

BASIC CONSULTATION:  One-hour groups that meet remotely provide hours for the 10-hour training requirement with either the EMDR Institute or HAP/Trauma Recovery.  These groups are $30 per hour for those who work at a not for profit and $45 for everyone else.  You can sign up with this link.

INTERMEDIATE CONSULTATION:  I run one-hour consultation groups that meet monthly and focus on using EMDR therapy with all kinds of cases, including complex trauma and dissociation.  Hours can count toward EMDR Certification.   Cost is $30 for those who work for not-for-profits and $45 for everyone else.   A long-term commitment is required. Groups meet remotely via video conference.

First Friday of the month at 10 am Mountain Time FULL

Third Thursday of the month at 2 pm Mountain Time FULL

Fourth Monday of the month at 6:30 pm Mountain Time 2 openings

Fourth Friday of the month at noon Mountain Time FULL

Contact Dorinna for information.

ADVANCED GROUPS: The focus of these one-hour groups will be treating complex trauma and dissociation with EMDR therapy and IFS-informed parts work. These hours do not count toward certification because the group will focus on interventions outside of EMDR therapy to stabilize and treat clients.

First Friday of the month 3 pm Mountain Time one opening

Second Monday of the month 9 am Mountain Time FULL

CIT GROUP:  I run one group for CITs per month with a focus on learning how to teach EMDR to consultees in a way that is understandable and empowering.

Third Friday of the month 10 am Mountain Time FULL

Contact Dorinna for information.


Individual consultation can be scheduled in person during my business hours or any time via Zoom. Fees are $110 per hour for those who work for a not-for-profit and $150 per hour for everyone else.

You can reach me by email at or by phone or text at 970-494-0631.

I post weekly "Ruh-minations" on Facebook and LinkedIn.  “Ruh-minations” are little nuggets about EMDR therapy, parenting, favorite resources, countertransference and insight that I have gained over the years.