My career has spanned 34 years, as I became a counselor in 1989, working in the substance abuse field. I obtained my alcoholism counselor credential in 1991 in New York.  Realizing that addiction did not happen in a vacuum, I obtained my Master’s Degree in Social Work from the State University of New York in 1995.

After moving to Colorado in 1999, I started private practice in 2000. I was trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in 2001 and this therapy was so powerful and such a good fit for me that it has been my primary lens since then.  By 2010 I was both certified in and an approved consultant in EMDR therapy. For the past 7 years I have facilitated EMDR trainings for HAP/Trauma recovery. I am a co-founder and was regional coordinator for the Northern Colorado EMDR Network for 20 years.

I specialize in treating complex trauma and dissociation with the adult population, tying in EMDR therapy and an IFS-lens.

Training and consultation for other therapists has been a large part of my practice. I have been offering mini-trainings and lectures in the professional community for over 10 years, and these presentations have all been well received.  I have been providing consultation for years, including EMDR consultation for our local community mental health clinic.  I have approval to offer EMDRIA credit for three different trainings I facilitate, ABCs of EMDR and Dissociation , Weaving in Interweaves, and EMDR Tune Up.  As I transition my focus to providing more training and consultation, I will be adding other trainings in techniques that have resonated with me most over the years.

I am constantly pursuing advanced training and consultation. I consulted with Joanne Twombly, who specializes in working with dissociation and DID, monthly for 4 years and have consulted with other experts as needed. I have had the opportunity to study with the following practitioners to learn more advanced knowledge:

  • Jim Knipe: working with dissociation and avoidance defenses with EMDR
  • Joanne Twombly: integrating EMDR, IFS, and hypnosis in work with dissociative disorders
  • Carole Forgash: EMDR treatment of medically unsubstantiated symptoms
  • Marcia Whisman: EMDR treatment of anxiety, panic disorder, and OCD
  • Laurel Parnell: EMDR for adults abused as children
  • Katie O'Shea: Early Trauma Protocol
  • Mark Grant: EMDR for Pain
  • Deb Wesselman and Anne Potter: Attachment Through the Lifespan
  • Kathleen Martin:  EMDR and Dissociation.
  • Paul Miller: Working with Psychotic Disorders and EMDR.

I look forward to helping others learn about EMDR therapy and/or advance their training in order to offer the best therapy possible.