Orienting Parts To Time and Place

Orienting Parts to Time and Place - Training
A live virtual group training for EMDR therapists (on-demand coming soon)

Traumatized parts live in “trauma time.” When they are triggered, they do not realize that they are in the present being reminded of the past. They react as if the danger is imminent and respond in kind. This dynamic keeps our clients in a flight/fight/freeze loop.

By orienting parts to time and place, a person’s system can relax. Parts don’t have to be so extreme and are triggered much less dramatically and much less often. This intervention is wonderful for stabilization in Phase 2 of EMDR therapy.

After taking this two-hour class, participants will immediately be able to using this effective and quick technique with all their clients.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Explain how trauma impacts time perception.
  2. Describe the parts concepts that underlie this intervention.
  3. Immediately use “orienting time and place” as an intervention with their
  4. List questions that assist with orientation to the present.

When: Monday June 24, 2-4pm Mountain Time

Cost: 70$ (15$ discount for non profit)

2 EMDRIA credits pending