Therapy Snapshots

These one-hour virtual trainings/discussions are designed for people who want to learn something new with minimal time and money commitment.  I will cover topics that I have found to be the most helpful interventions over my 30-year career.  $25 fee.  There will not be EMDRIA credit or CEUs.  Ten person limit for each meeting.

Creative Resourcing

EMDR Resourcing Development in Phase 2 can go way beyond safe calm/state and creating allies.  Learn how to create a “resourcing sandwich,” use in-the-moment resourcing opportunities, and start where your client is.  EMDR training required.

April 26, 2024 11 am Mountain Time

EMDR Treatment Planning and Target Sequencing.

EMDR treatment planning for phases 3 and 4 can feel like standing in a thick forest wondering which tree to pick.  This class will simplify this process and help you organize your targets.

February 20, 2024 at 5 pm Mountain Time
March 1, 2024, 11 am Mountain Time

Internal Healing Dialogue

Jim Knipe’s Internal Healing Dialogue is a technique I use almost weekly to help people resolve inner conflicts between parts or struggles with making a decisions.  You can learn how to use it in this one-hour talk.

April 9th from 5 - 6 pm Mountain Time
May 3 from noon - 1 pm Mountain Time

Karpman’s Triangle as a Lens for Countertransference

What I have learned is this:  when I am stuck with a client, there is an 80% or higher chance it has nothing to do with lack of knowledge or skill.  It has to do with my PARTS!  Curious?  Join us in October.


Building Internal Scaffolding with Ideal Parent

External resources are all well and good, but people with attachment issues need internal resourcing, what I am calling “Internal scaffolding.”  Learn more about this concept and how Ideal Parent can be used as the best scaffolding of all.


I post weekly "Ruh-minations" on Facebook and LinkedIn. “Ruh-minations” are little nuggets about EMDR therapy, parenting, favorite resources, countertransference and insight that I have gained over the years.