Something New: Therapy Snapshots

One-hour virtual trainings/discussions are designed for people who want to learn something new with minimal time and money commitment.  I will cover topics that I have found to be the most helpful interventions over my 30-year career.  $25 fee.  There will not be EMDRIA credit or CEUs.  Ten person limit for each meeting.

Weaving in Cognitive Interweaves

This workshop is an on demand virtual training. Both as a practitioner and a consultant, I have seen that cognitive interweaves are one of the most confusing parts of practicing EMDR Therapy. Now that interweaves make sense to me,  I am sharing my knowledge so that EMDR therapists can effectively and efficiently use interweaves to improve their practice.

Assessing & Treating Dissociation

A workshop designed for therapists who are lacking a basic understanding of how to assess and work with clients who have dissociative disorders.

  1. Learn skills to assess for dissociation in clients taking into account the ACES study and a broader conceptualization of trauma (Phase 1)
  2. Explain two theories of parts work that can inform our EMDR therapy process and how they fit with the AIP model
  3. Identify at least 5 Phase 2 skills that best help with dissociative clients.
  4. Verbalize steps to orient parts to time and place as a Phase 2 stabilization technique
  5. Practice an IFS-informed/countertransference exercise to better understand how we can use parts work to better stay in Self.

Orienting Parts to Time and Place

Traumatized parts live in “trauma time.” When they are triggered, they do not realize that they are in the present being reminded of the past. They react as if the danger is imminent and respond in kind. This dynamic keeps our clients in a flight/fight/freeze loop.

This is a live virtual two hour workshop where participants will be able ti use an effective techniques to help their clients orient parts to time and place. 75$ fee, 15$ discount for non profits. 2 EMDRIA credits.

I post weekly "Ruh-minations" on Facebook and LinkedIn.  “Ruh-minations” are little nuggets about EMDR therapy, parenting, favorite resources, countertransference and insight that I have gained over the years.